About Us


Our employees actively contribute to the success of our customers in the following areas of operation :

Accounts Payable, Engineering , Quality Control , New Products , Storage , Logistics , Import / Export , Purchasing, inspection failures , reworks , subassemblies , Material Inspection , Re - packaging material, etc.

We also provide multiple services such as personnel carriers, transport executives and directors. We provide vehicles, bilingual drivers , communications ( cell phone , Internet , etc. ) translators. Operational and personnel transport , transport of materials , assistance in locating storage providers . Assistance in locating homes for temporary or permanent ( for executives and directors ) residences, among other services.

SADEP can assist companies seeking to establish operations in the area of ​​Guadalajara, SADEP has constant liaison with the various government agencies of the state of Jalisco, as well as the mayors of the municipalities near Guadalajara .

We have unconditional support from these municipal authorities who constantly seek to attract new investment to their respective municipalities.

SADEP , can assist with legal procedures , accounting and notarial services through a network of partners and service providers . We assist in the process of obtaining licenses and experts for remodeling and restaurants generally of buildings and production facilities .

SADEP can assist multinational and foreign companies in establishing the legal society, procedures for obtaining programs " PITEX " and " Maquila " and bring the administration of such programs to the appropriate government agencies

SADEP provide personal services ( production workers / operators and other areas) , contractors ( per project ) and up to management personnel for middle and senior management controls.

Our History

SADEP S.A. DE C.V. It was established in 1994 to help foreign companies to the attention of local and national clients. Our customers are involved in the areas of Metal Mechanics, Electronics Components Model and injection plastic parts , subassemblies , Manufacturing Services , Storage Cables, among others.